January 2010
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Making Observations With Google Apps

By Miriam Bogler      January 30,2010

One of the major stumbling blocks that students face when conducting research is how to construct meaning from what they read. Research usually starts with a question or topic that the teacher has assigned or the student is curious about. In most cases,the students use a [...]

The Obsession With Typing

By Miriam Bogler      January 17,2010

I know that I promised to continue my “Project-based learning Google templates”series,but I could not help myself but share my thoughts with you about a subject that has had me thinking for a while- typing. A few weeks ago,our school held an open house [...]

Planning the Task with Google Apps

By Miriam Bogler      January 6,2010

Imagine a classroom getting ready to start working on a project. The teacher has just assigned the driving question–a question designed to look into the heart of a discipline and serve the purpose of organizing and driving activities in the project. Getting ready to plan activities for [...]