May 2018

Meaningful Learning With PersonalBrain

By Miriam Bogler      February 15,2010

In a typical middle school,a social studies teacher was contemplating how to commemorate black history month in a way that will leave a lasting impact on students who had no idea what type of life,humiliations,and struggles the black community in America had experienced. She [...]

Making Observations With Google Apps

By Miriam Bogler      January 30,2010

One of the major stumbling blocks that students face when conducting research is how to construct meaning from what they read. Research usually starts with a question or topic that the teacher has assigned or the student is curious about. In most cases,the students use a [...]

Motivated to Succeed by Learning Robotics

By Miriam Bogler      November 24,2009

The Robotics Show

Eddie carefully placed his robot at the starting point of the wooden maze which was located on the floor of the school’s auditorium. Parents and visitors joined the crowd that was patiently waiting for the Napa Street Elementary robotics show. Prior to this [...]

Using Web 2.0 Technology in Elementary School

By Miriam Bogler      November 15,2009

About a year ago,I started working with Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary School. The school hired me because they were looking for a person who will help them pursue new avenues in technology. The state of California was already experiencing one of its biggest financial crises,[...]