May 2018

Why is problem solving left out when practicing Project-Based Learning

By Miriam Bogler          October 25,2016

When employees are working on a project at the workplace,it is directed to achieve a goal. This goal is usually laced with a series of problems that workers have to tackle before success is achieved. Whether the goal is to produce a [...]

How to Improve Students’Collaboration Skills

Young university students doing group study

By Miriam Bogler      September 13,2016

Schools are adopting project-based learning in growing numbers. Although it may seem like a trend,it really stems from a development in pedagogical thinking over the past fifty years that advocated a shift away from teachers imparting knowledge to relatively passive students,to learners actively [...]

Do We Really Need Testing to Learn?

By Miriam Bogler      August 22,2015

I don’t like tests. I have never been very good at it. I get extremely anxious in tests,making me forget half of the things I studied. Throughout the years I got used to them and performed better,but I never thought much of them. [...]

Why We Need to Think More Like Programmers

By Miriam Bogler      July 17,2015

Computer programming is hot again. Not like in the 80s,when Seymour Papert’s Logo programming became popular for several years and then declined when the education world failed to see the evolving technological revolution that was taking place in daily life. This time the movement to [...]

Why Did I Create Project Pals

By Miriam Bogler      October 24,2013

The Project Pals Application

As an advocate of project-based learning,my students were always busy working on projects. While observing them work,it always occurred to me,that there was a fundamental flaw in the way they were approaching problems. Instead of engaging in an [...]

Beyond the Rhethoric –Technology in Action


By Miriam Bogler      April 22,2010

Picasso's Guernica

As soon as I walked into this middle school classroom,I noticed that it was completely different from what I’d seen before. The classroom was quite big and students were working in groups,gathered around round tables or sitting on the floor next [...]

Meaningful Learning With PersonalBrain

By Miriam Bogler      February 15,2010

In a typical middle school,a social studies teacher was contemplating how to commemorate black history month in a way that will leave a lasting impact on students who had no idea what type of life,humiliations,and struggles the black community in America had experienced. She [...]

Making Observations With Google Apps

By Miriam Bogler      January 30,2010

One of the major stumbling blocks that students face when conducting research is how to construct meaning from what they read. Research usually starts with a question or topic that the teacher has assigned or the student is curious about. In most cases,the students use a [...]

Planning the Task with Google Apps

By Miriam Bogler      January 6,2010

Imagine a classroom getting ready to start working on a project. The teacher has just assigned the driving question–a question designed to look into the heart of a discipline and serve the purpose of organizing and driving activities in the project. Getting ready to plan activities for [...]

Project-Based Learning With Google Sites

By Miriam Bogler      December 25,2009

Last year,I introduced Google Sites as a presentation and collaboration tool for my students. They used it to create projects covering the California Missions,Native Americans,and each of the 50 states. On the surface,the sites functioned as an online replacement of traditional paper. In [...]